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How to choose a Magento Development Agency

11:03 AM June 12, 2014


How to Choose a Magento Development Agency

There are several important factors to consider when choosing an eCommerce Magento development agency. In this article, I’ll run through a group of them to help you make a more educated decision. When it comes to Magento developers and Magento development agencies, not all are created equal. Some require a minimum starting cost of $25k and up, while other overseas outsourcing companies may try to deceive you and say it’s only going to charge around $5k. So who do you choose and who will make the best fit for your eCommerce website? This is an important and difficult question for a lot of companies to address.


If you’re on a tight budget because you’re a startup, you might be looking at that $5k number and thinking it is desirable, but if you’re choosing an outsourced company overseas, there are a whole different set of factors that need to be considered. Such as time zone; are they awake and working when you are? Are they an actual company or just a middle man outfit who’s pushing your project out to local freelance developers? Then there’s also the obvious language barrier and their ability to comprehend exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

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Does it feel like Google’s Panda 4.0 is laughing?

12:10 PM June 5, 2014


Google’s Laughing Panda 4.0

Did your site take a hit in the recent Panda 4.0 update by Google? You’re not alone if it did, some pretty high profile sites such as E-bay and Ask.com are feeling the laughs of the Panda. (See laughing Panda above.) Who knows if this will adjust itself over time, Google always makes minor tweaks and adjustments after a new algorithm update, so expect more changes to come over the next several weeks.

Google didn’t just roll out a minor update this time around, they went so far as to give this new Panda update it’s own number, Panda 4.0. Google’s Matt Cutts said that is current update should only affect around 7% of queries made for the English language. Matt posted the news on Twitter the morning of the update to give people notice. That’s when SEO’s all over the globe began to run to their Analytics accounts and Webmaster Tools to see if their client’s sites saw a drop.

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10 Reasons it pays to have a responsive Magento website

11:08 AM June 2, 2014


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