June 2015 -


The Value of SEO to Local Businesses (Infographic)

3:43 PM June 25, 2015


Local SEO delivers local search results and customers

Remember when you were growing up, there always was a store that you’d frequent that always had the one thing you’d never be able to get anywhere else. Sweets, toys, even your favorite type of book or pencil. You grow up, you move away and then all of a sudden, during a brief moment of reminisce, you remember a particular thing you had and nostalgia strikes you.

Reliving Nostalgia

But now, you can’t go home because you don’t know if that store is still around. You take a chance and you search the annals of google inside out to find what you are looking for. Happiness is when you find what you’re looking for. And when you find out that its that same shop that is now able to deliver what you want, direct to your home – all through the simple process of an online order, online payment and next-day-delivery; that is when you feel truly ecstatic.

What is SEO?

What drives these local stores to gain an online presence? What is it that allows small corner stores to become literal overnight-viral-sensations on the internet? It is a simple combination of a patron having a need and the store deciding to go online. The most important bit? Learning to make their product description so accurate and interesting, that Google or any other search engine manages to pull this up first in the long list of the hundreds of thousands of pages that usually come up on a search.
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