October 2016 -


10 years in Web Design

2:22 PM October 19, 2016


10 Years in Web Design

We have officially reached the 10-year milestone in the web design and development industry. It’s been a long road and we’ve had a blast working on some great projects over the years. We’ve built over 100+ websites and carved ourselves out a nice niche in the Magento development and maintenance arena.

The web design industry is a tough market to compete in, but our longevity, experience and stellar customer service over the years is something that interested clients look for and keep them coming back.

Our 10th year has just started and we are already growing at a record pace. We will be looking to hire more staff and will have positions opening for Certified Magento Developer, Certified Magento Solutions Specialist, Magento Project Manager, and Business Development Manager, SEO Analyst, Web Designer and more.

We have ramped up for Magento 2.1 and as of this writing have three Magento 2 sites in the works. Come experience the speed at which we design and build eCommerce websites, request a quote here or give us call and pick our brains 1.800.658.0113.


Magento Patch Update – patch 8788 information

12:42 AM October 18, 2016


Magento Patch SUPEE 8788

Magento Patch Update – Patch SUPEE 8788

Just added as of Oct 12th, 5 days as of the writing of this. This is a critical patch update that should be updated by all Magento store owners from 1.5x to 1.9x. The patch takes care of 20 issues, some of them critical. Stores can become compromised by allowing Remote Code Executions, also know as (RCE’s) and will give anyone access to the store admin. Please see the resources below;

Magento – https://magento.com/security/patches/supee-8788

Magento Stack Exchange – http://magento.stackexchange.com/questions/140550/security-patch-supee-8788-possible-problems

We will be reaching out to all of our customers to update for this release.

If you need help updating this patch, please use our Contact Us form here or call 1.800.658.0113