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3 Ways to Supplement a Strong SEO Campaign

9:20 AM May 3, 2017


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Whether you have a very strong search engine optimization campaign – and the top ranking on Google to go with it – or you’re just getting started and adding keywords to your site, there are a few other activities you should sprinkle into your Internet marketing mix.

On the one hand, this keeps you from being overly dependent on Google and its competitors to send qualified traffic your way (in other words, it keeps all your eggs out of one very small basket). And on the other hand, there are other Internet marketing avenues you can pursue that actually enhance your ongoing SEO efforts.

The bottom line is that spreading out your effort, attention, and resources is just a good idea all around. With that in mind, here are three ways you should supplement a strong search engine optimization campaign:

  1. With social media marketing. People in our industry call social media marketing the “new SEO,” if only because social sites and social content are growing so quickly. While it might take months to climb up Google’s rankings, a single tweet or Google+ post can attract tens of thousands of views overnight if it’s compelling enough. Plus, Google and the other search engines are paying more attention to social sites, so a strong following could bring you a higher search ranking. Sorry say sayers, social media is here to stay.
  2. With a regular email marketing campaign. Email marketing is no longer new, but it’s still tried and true in a cost-effective way. Having the right list of subscribers and a good message can do wonders for your sales. Plus, getting people to register for your email newsletter is usually quick and simple, which makes it the ideal complement to your SEO efforts.
  3. Using online reviews. One reason search engine optimization has changed a lot in recent years is because buyers no longer want the first result they see, but the best one. Often, those two search results are separated by the online reviews for each company, product, or service. And, as with social media marketing, having lots of great online reviews can do wonders for your search engine rankings. So, encourage happy customers to say good things about you on forums, review sites, and even social media platforms.

Search engine optimization is still the most important Internet marketing avenue for most companies, and probably will be for many years to come. But, by taking advantage of other channels, as well, you can diversify your plan and see better results all around.

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3 Ways to Supplement a Strong SEO Campaign
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3 Ways to Supplement a Strong SEO Campaign
In this article we discuss 3 ways to supplement an already strong SEO campaign. Written by Full Impact Studios, a Los Angeles SEO Agency and marketing firm.