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Connecting your Magento ecommerce store to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP can radically improve your workflow, minimize errors and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time data sync between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics keeps inventory current and accurate
  • Save countless hours of manual data entry time
  • Omnichannel Integration with Ebay, Amazon, Sears and more.

Magento integration with Microsoft Dynamics makes your business more efficient and streamlined, allowing greater time to focus on the core of your business, instead of concerns with updating the data between systems. Synchronizing Magento and Microsoft Dynamics increases customer satisfaction and typically leads to more business and referrals. The automated connection between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV or AX as well as other online sales channels is one of the fastest ways to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and scale your business.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ideal ERP solution for small to medium sized companies wanting evolve your accounting software to the next level of sophistication and efficiency. Coupling Microsoft Dynamics GP with GP Connect as the bridge to your Magento ecommerce store allows you to synchronize data between systems, including customers, products, orders, shipping, inventory and more. This allows you to have central data management for the two systems, extending the capabilities of both through the GP Connect integration.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the Enterprise level ERP solution aimed at big, complex companies, ideal for manufacturing and distribution sectors. It can accommodate even the most sophisticated requirements and provide strict control across an organization. AX Connect conjoins your AX implementation with your Magento ecommerce store, creating a seamless integration of your retail business from end to end. The real-time data sync keeps inventory, orders, customers and products accurate and up-to-date-between systems. It allows you to connect tier-pricing, credit limits, outside sales channels and much more. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX with Magento ecommerce through AX connect automates and simplifies many complex processes, saving countless hours on labor costs, contributing to the growth of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, previously known as Navision, is the most commonly used Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution in the world. Over a million users choose Dynamics NAV for its wide range of ERP functionality, including manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing. NAV Connect synchronizes the data between your Microsoft NAV ERP and your Magento store, streamlining your workflow, increasing B2B and B2C customer satisfaction, helping you to scale your business. NAV Connect functionality can be easily extended with add-ons such as Sales Quote, Implement Taxes, Gift Cards and more, creating limitless possibilities for this integrated solution.

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When you sync Magento and Microsoft Dynamics, the ramifications for your business are profound. Orders placed on your Magento storefront no longer need to be entered manually into your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, nor do you need to send batch files asynchronously. When the connection is fully automated, an order placed by a customer in Magento shows up instantaneously in Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV or AX.

When an order is fulfilled in Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV or AX, the inventory is immediately updated in your Magento store, preventing overselling and disenchanted customers. For B2B customers you can set tiered pricing for your wholesalers, distributors and preferred customers and can also set up credit limits from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, which are then set, fully functional and unchangeable within Magento, to prevent operator errors. We can create a complete B2B portal solution.

Our default connector synchronizes inventory, customers, products, orders, payments, shipments and more, but what really separates it from any other solution on the market is its flexibility. Whether connecting Magento Enterprise Edition or Community Edition, whether Microsoft GP, NAV or AX, whether you have one website or many, one warehouse or several, we can accommodate and accurately map even the most sophisticated of business rules. The solution can also accommodate multiple sales channels such as eBay and Amazon, allocating and syncing inventory, orders, products and shipments across omnichannels.

Once the data exchange between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics has been synchronized and automated, your business will run more smoothly, customers will be more satisfied and labor time and costs will be greatly reduced. The time saved in processing 75-100 orders/day can easily equate to the work of a full-time employee. With human error minimized in the data entry process, whether copying data from one system to another, processing returns or updating inventory, the time required for customer service is also greatly reduced. Not having to generate invoices manually in Magento or sync tracking numbers or status through the fulfillment process further reduces customer service effort.