SEO Changing Right Before Our Eyes

SEO Changing Right Before Our Eyes

3:06 PM September 1, 2017

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SEO Changing Right Before Our Eyes

With SEO changing at a such a rapid pace, it’s crucial for website owners to keep up to date. From the first moment web designers and business owners realized you could make money online by improving your Google ranking, search engine optimization (SEO) has been in a state of constant flux. That evolution has taken off in unexpected ways recently, to the point that entirely new approaches and considerations are called for.

In other words, the world of SEO is moving rapidly and businesses that don’t adjust are being left behind. Which of these changes matter most and what can you do about them? To get to the answers, let’s consider a few of the most important themes one by one…

The Old SEO Formula is Becoming Obsolete

Good search engine optimization used to be based almost purely on keywords and links. Those factors still matter, but so do mobile compatibility, web hosting speed, and even content authority that’s driven by artificial intelligence.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t still invest in keyword research or generate quality back links to your website. It just means that you have to focus on an overall user experience and pay more attention to your complete content profile. In other words, build a site that works for customers, not just search engine spiders.

Conversion Rate Optimization is no Longer Secondary

As you have undoubtedly noticed, it’s gotten harder and harder to achieve and maintain a top search engine placement across multiple phrases or keywords. The competition has become more and more intense, with an increased number of companies getting in on the act and more of them posting optimized content regularly.

For that reason, it’s difficult to succeed in SEO through sheer brute force. You’ll still want to do what you can to attract customers to your website with the prime search engine position, but you should also pay attention to conversion rate optimization. If you can get more leads and sales from existing visits, that’s just as good for your bottom line as it would be to increase your search traffic.

You Have to Build an Online Reputation to Match Your Search Position

As online marketing has become more important to businesses, a healthy sense of skepticism has crept into the buying public. Most of us have purchased something over the internet and been burned with false promises, bad products, and crummy services.

Buyers are getting smarter. They are starting to Google companies they plan on working with, and to look up reviews for making appointments or completing purchases. That makes online reputation management an important part of SEO. Your website can’t simply speak for itself; you need positive feedback all over the web if you want search visits to result in conversions.

The old SEO formula of throwing keywords on your site and building links isn’t working anymore. There is simply too much at stake for Google’s engineers and the marketers who want to win customers. So, even though what we’re seeing with search engine optimization today would have been hard to predict, it’s easy to tell these trends will continue picking up steam.

So with SEO changing so rapidly before our eye’s, it’s going to be important to work with a professional SEO agency who can keep up with the times. As we move towards the second half of 2017 and beyond

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