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service-custom-web-designWeb Design can come in different forms for different needs, it all depends on what a project calls for. Below are a few of the varying differences of website design, feel free to take a look and see where you think your project needs fall.




Brochure/HTML Web Design

los-angeles-website-design2Brochure websites are websites with no dynamic functionality or database, they are simple websites with only copy, imagery and a basic contact form which does not collect data. WordPress is a great tool for building brochure style websites and they offer a simple yet powerful CMS to control content.




Dynamic/Database Web Development

los-angeles-web-developmentDynamic or sometimes called database driven websites, are websites that pull content such as copy and images from a database. They are usually more complex sites that calculate data or record form data submitted.




E-Commerce Web Development

los-angeles-magento-developmentWe specialize in E-Commerce websites using Magento and WordPress. E-Commerce websites are sites that have the ability to process credit card transactions, making use of payment gateways and bank processing for the purchase of goods or services. E-Commerce sites require SSL certificates to secure the checkout pages and most often require a faster and more costly server than a simple shared hosting plan.




Mobile / Responsive Web Design

los-angeles-mobile-app-developmentResponsive web design has replaced the need for a separate mobile website. Responsive websites are used in place of a separate mobile site. Responsive sites give visitors on mobile devices a more streamlined and simplified experience making it easier for a visitor to find their way around.




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