4:13 PM October 16, 2017

whats new in magento-2


Magento’s latest update to Magento 2.2 is the result of customer feedback and the need to improve security. In the article below we lay out all the items that are new and improved so you can see why you might want to update. Although you should update anytime there is an update if there are security patches.


No pain, all gain

Released in September 2017, the new Magento 2.2 solves a number of issues experienced by B2B and B2C companies. Most revolutionary is the ability for you to combine your Magento store data with your Google Analytics Data visible, all in a single dashboard. This allows you to view your KPIs in your Magento dashboard without the need for any third-party extensions or customizations.  The new expanded reports now represent order, customer and metric data in graph form, another feature that will increase productivity and sales planning.


Less (time) equals more (sales)

Let’s take a look at the new Magento 2 B2B features:

Updated Account Management tools – Imagine being able to streamline your customer support with a simple drag and drop function to add or remove multiple buyers. Supervisors can now view orders and quotes more easily, while also providing access for your finance team to view balances.

Simplified Quote Requests – Your customer response time can make or break a sale, and Magento 2 recognizes that by giving your customers the ability to request a quote directly from the Magento Shopping Cart.  You can view quotes directly in the Magento 2 Admin, so approval is almost instant.  To speed up the sales process, your customers can add documents and comments in the Shopping Cart in addition to the quote request.

Customized Catalogs and Price Lists – Everyone loves a good deal, so what is better than being able to provide your clients with customized pricing and packages.  Magento 2.2 enables you to create different customer groupings each with multiple product catalogs and fixed or dynamic pricing tiers.  The advantage for your product team is that they can control categories and products on a custom level for each company or buyer.  Your team can easily filter and search the catalog or price list.

Flexible Credit Line Management – How do you encourage and maintain customer loyalty and trust in a competitive market?  Magento 2.2 gives you the option to allow a customer to automatically exceed their credit limit when placing an order within the Account Management features.

Crucial New APIs – The beauty of Magento 2.2 is also eliminating the need for so many third party extensions through new APIs.


Designed with the customer in mind

Magento 2.2 increases the buyer journey by introducing a 2-step checkout process that is easier for your customers to view and navigate, plus automatically allows those customers to log in to continue their checkout process after returning to your site.  Your returning customers have the option to check out faster based on their email address, and guest shoppers can create a profile from the order thank you page without leaving the checkout process.


Keep transactions dignified with Signifyd

But what about fraud protection in the age of data breaches and cyber attacks?  Magento 2.2 has you covered with Signifyd chargeback protection and fraud screening, available in all editions.  Your team will become more efficient and complete more sales by declining fewer orders, recovering revenue losses from fraud and reducing the number of manual order reviews.


Hit the web running

Additional features to keep your business running smoothly include platform technology and performance updates.  Cart and cache improvements bring a better customer experience while increasing merchant efficiency.  And a new bulk Tier Price API enables you to update large numbers of product prices quickly.  Throughout the year, new theming and layouts provide opportunities for your product team to create seasonal campaigns, new product lines and expand your market base.  With easier upgrades on a quarterly basis, your business will stay on the forefront of your competition.

Magento 2.2 will run an average of 20 percent faster to encourage more sales and increase website search engine optimization (SEO)Full page caching also helps handle more catalog pages and grow your business at a faster rate.

Is your business ready to update to Magento 2.2?  Now is a great time to schedule a consultation with our team. Give us a call at 213-328-4177 or use our contact form and let’s get your team ahead of the competition.