Magento Quote Request

Magento Quote Request

magento-quote-request* Important, Please Read! We understand this quote form is long, but these questions are important for us to determine the scope of your Magento project.  This form will take approximately 10 minutes.

We specialize in complex Magento and Magento 2 builds. If you have any questions related to this form, please call to speak to a Magento solution specialist. 714-251-6881.

  • General Questions

  • Data Migration - (only applicable for existing e-commerce sites)

    Note: Orders are the most complex data type to import into Magento. Importing orders is generally only relevant when there are hundreds of records on an existing platform. Otherwise it is suggested that you enter orders manually using Magento admin panel.
  • Anytime we migrate a site, we setup 301 redirects to point the old indexed urls to the new urls. This is very important for both SEO and usability. There offer two options for setting up the 301 redirect list.
    • OPTION 1: Once all the products are imported into the system, we will give you a CSV list of all the new urls on the site. You will match up these urls with all of the old urls and will send the CSV back to us. We will then setup the 301 redirects.
    • OPTION 2: We will be responsible for matching the old urls with the new urls and will setup the 301 redirects
    Note: If we're migrating an existing site, it's crucial that 301 redirects are mapped and created.
  • Product Related

  • Orders

    Note: ERP system integration adds significant cost to the project build.
  • Inventory

  • Shipping

  • Payments & Checkout

    Note: If you enable "Save Credit Card" in Magento Community Version you will not be PCI compliant.
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    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, xls, jpg, png.
      If you have project files such as wireframes, flow charts, sitemap's or discovery documents, please attach.
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    Thank you for providing us with valuable details about your Magento website project. Once your request has been submitted a Magento development solutions specialist will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your request.