MAS 90/200 Sage 100 ERP Magento Integration

SAGE 100 Magento Integration

SAGE 100 Connect integrates and syncs data bidirectionally with Magento using touch-points. Sage 100 connect is a flexible solution that is fully automatic in syncing your Sage 100 ERP system and your Magento Enterprise or Magento Community e-commerce storefront. Sage 100 Connect automatically synchronizes changes in your critical business data between Magento and Sage 100 and is installed on your server along with Magento. We do not host your data in the cloud where it can be corrupted or lost. With the Sage 100 Connect sync to Magento you will no longer a need to input data manually back and forth from your MAS 90/200 Sage 100 ERP and Magento, saving you manpower, reducing critical human errors and improving your business processes and productivity.

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Customer Data Sync

Sage 100 Connect syncs customer account and contact information, billing and shipping addresses, guest customer’s, contact and address information. Business partners and vendors selectively created in SAGE 100 can be added and uploaded to the Magento web store as well.

Product and Inventory Syncing

Simple, Configurable, Bundled, Grouped and Virtual types, along with Pricing, images, categories and attributes. Upload ERP created items as Simple or Complex product types. Inventory, Pricing and Multiple Website Storefront support, uploading once with different product pricing controlled through SAGE 100 Price Lists.

Orders Syncing

Sage 100 Connect syncs Magento sales orders by registered or guest members, delivery or accounts receivable invoices, updated order status and custom order status, example ‘shipped but not delivered’ and ‘pending payment’.

Shipping and Delivery Syncing

Sage 100 Connect syncs all Shipping Methods mapped with SAGE 100 Freight and Shipping Types. Delivery generated in SAGE automatically adds ‘Shipment’ in Magento updating the web order status Shipment Tracking Number in SAGE ERP, also available in Magento web store with Customer e-mail update.

Payments and Invoicing

Sage 100 Connect syncs both online and offline payments, online payments downloaded as A/R reserves an invoice in SAGE 100 as ‘Transaction ID’. Sales Order reference tracking of payments, hand A/R invoices can be generated from delivery documents and uploaded to Magento storefront creating an invoice for the support of offline payment methods.

Other General Features

Multilingual and Multi-currency Support, Multiple image support from MAS 90/200 SAGE 100 ERP to Magento Manual or Defined time synchronization.