Brightpearl Magento Integration

Brightpearl Magento Integration

Brightpearl Magento Integration

Brightpearl’s Magento inventory management system enables multichannel retailers to control and streamline the processing of orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting. This is managed across all sales channels and warehouses to keep your business running smooth.

Sync Customer Data Between Magento and SAP Business One

Customer Data Syncing

Storing historical shopping data can help you to spot consumer trends, as well as predict how much stock you will need at various points in the year.

Magento SAP Business One Store Item Syncing

Store Item Syncing

With Brightpearl, your staff can view stock across all sales channels, stores and warehouses.

Magento SAP Business One Order Data

Orders Syncing

Brightpearl’s Magento inventory management software updates your inventory levels and prompts you to process an order.

Magento SAP Business One Shipping and Delivery Syncing

Shipping and Delivery Syncing

Manage shipping, delivery and returns from one dashboard with Brightpearl.

Magento SAP Business One Payments and Invoicing

Payments and Invoicing

You can generate quotes, invoices, order on consignment and more.

Magento SAP Business One Integration

Other General Features

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