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SEO Changing Right Before Our Eyes

3:06 PM September 1, 2017

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SEO is Changing Right Before Our Eyes

With SEO changing at a such a rapid pace, it’s crucial for e-commerce website owners to stay up to date. The first moment web designers and business owners realized you could make money online by improving your Google ranking, search engine optimization (SEO) has been in a state of constant flux. That evolution has taken off in unexpected ways recently, to the point that entirely new approaches and considerations are called for.

In other words, the world of SEO is moving rapidly and businesses that don’t adapt are going to being left behind. Which of these changes matter most and what can you do about them? To get the answers, let’s consider a few of the most important themes one by one…
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Social Media Quick Reference Guide‏

6:04 AM August 24, 2017

Businesses of all sizes, small one-person enterprises to multinational brands and corporations are riding the social media wave in a bid to capture attention and engage with targeted audiences.

Who can blame them? According to Hubspot, online professionals list social media as one of their most important sources for generating business leads. On top of that, social media marketing costs only a third of what other traditional lead generation channels require.

 track social media effectiveness

Source: Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing

No wonder over 97% of marketers participating in social networks, with 80% claiming to have generated more website traffic as they reach out and connect with more than 73% of adult online users active in these social channels.

how to leverage social media for marketing

Source: QMEE’s Online in 60 Seconds Infographic

But with so many social networks available online, many businesses are left in confusion as to how they can choose the right social network that would work best with the type of business, market and targeted audiences they have.
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3 Ways to Supplement a Strong SEO Campaign

9:20 AM May 3, 2017


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Whether you have a very strong search engine optimization campaign – and the top ranking on Google to go with it – or you’re just getting started and adding keywords to your site, there are a few other activities you should sprinkle into your Internet marketing mix.

On the one hand, this keeps you from being overly dependent on Google and its competitors to send qualified traffic your way (in other words, it keeps all your eggs out of one very small basket). And on the other hand, there are other Internet marketing avenues you can pursue that actually enhance your ongoing SEO efforts.

The bottom line is that spreading out your effort, attention, and resources is just a good idea all around. With that in mind, here are three ways you should supplement a strong search engine optimization campaign:

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How to sell SEO to C Level Executives

8:29 AM April 4, 2017

meeting place

In every business or organization, higher management plays a significant role (and in many cases the only role) in the decision-making process. Everyone – from employees, partners, suppliers and even customers – look upwards to the C-Level pedestal for guidance and decisions that will steer the business or institution.

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To scroll or not to scroll – answer scroll

3:46 PM January 3, 2017


Image credit: Tony Haile—Chartbeat

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017, it’s going to be an interesting year for sure, well if you follow politics it will be.

A customer made a statement to me the other day that didn’t sound quite right and something I didn’t believe was true, so this post is about that statement. The customer said, and I quote here, “but people don’t scroll anymore Aaron, don’t you follow what Google says“.  (be sure to catch the funny at the end of the post).  Continue Reading…

The Value of SEO to Local Businesses (Infographic)

3:43 PM June 25, 2015


Local SEO delivers local search results and customers

Remember when you were growing up, there always was a store that you’d frequent that always had the one thing you’d never be able to get anywhere else. Sweets, toys, even your favorite type of book or pencil. You grow up, you move away and then all of a sudden, during a brief moment of reminisce, you remember a particular thing you had and nostalgia strikes you.

Reliving Nostalgia

But now, you can’t go home because you don’t know if that store is still around. You take a chance and you search the annals of google inside out to find what you are looking for. Happiness is when you find what you’re looking for. And when you find out that its that same shop that is now able to deliver what you want, direct to your home – all through the simple process of an online order, online payment and next-day-delivery; that is when you feel truly ecstatic.

What is SEO?

What drives these local stores to gain an online presence? What is it that allows small corner stores to become literal overnight-viral-sensations on the internet? It is a simple combination of a patron having a need and the store deciding to go online. The most important bit? Learning to make their product description so accurate and interesting, that Google or any other search engine manages to pull this up first in the long list of the hundreds of thousands of pages that usually come up on a search.
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Setting Expectations for Successful SEO Campaigns

1:13 PM December 23, 2014

This past Whiteboard Friday from Rand with Moz hit the nail right on the head. It discusses setting expectations with clients on their SEO campaigns and what to expect over the course of the campaign and how goals are achieved. If you haven’t seen it I’m embedding below for you to watch, it’s only 8 minutes long but it really explains what we SEO’s deal with and how it is our job to inform you (the client) with the proper information to set the expected results and expectation.


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Google Mobile Friendly Website Test

7:44 PM November 19, 2014

This is a quick blog post to highlight a new Google tool.


Pierre Far with Google just posted that Google has launched a great new tool for web developers to test websites for mobile optimization. Something interesting Pierre mentions is that Google will label websites that are mobile friendly so viewers looking in search will be able to make a choice and choose a mobile friendly site versus one that isn’t.

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SEO Update New Penguin 3.0 Rolling Out

11:42 AM October 23, 2014

It’s that time again, the little funny walking bird who doesn’t fly is back with a new update. Penguin 3.0 as it’s being called began to roll out on Friday, October 17th. As reported by Pierre Far on his Google+ page. Quote below in case you don’t want to click to the source.

The new Penguin update will be rolled out over the next few weeks and is estimated to affect about 1% of queries for the english language.

Penguin update rolling out

Penguin 3.0 update rolling out

This update comes just two weeks after the Panda 4.1 roll out. Google wants to make sure that you always have work to do on your websites’ SEO.

Penguin, for those that aren’t familiar with it, is an algorithm that Google uses to target web spam and unnatural links to a website. This update should help those who cleaned up their inbound webspam from the last Penguin update and further punish those that didn’t make any changes.

Do you think you were affected by this or a previous Penguin update? If so we can help, order a website review today and we will analyze your website. Feel free to call if you would like to discuss more in detail or need other help 1-800-658-0113.



What is a Panda SEO Diet

2:08 PM October 3, 2014

If you are like a lot of companies your Panda woes just got a little worse with Googles Panda 4.1 algorithm update. This update was focussed on thin and bad content. Thin content is defined as content that doesn’t offer anything of real value to the reader. So if your website has a lot of these pages, then most likely you were hit and you are feeling the affects of the reduced ranking.

Google is looking for high quality authoritative content that readers will enjoy and want to share.

One factor in determining if a page of content is thin is to look at your time on page in Google analytics. If your time on page measure is low, then most likely you don’t have anything significant or interesting for the visitors to read, keeping them on the page.

The best and simplest way to make a quick change is to review all your website’s pages for thin content.

You should do this in two ways:

  1. Manually look at each and every page on your website and see if it doesn’t have a lot of actual text for a reader.
  2. The next way is to look at your Google analytics and see which pages have high bounce rates and or low time on page.

How to put your website on a Panda SEO diet, 8 tips.

Here we will outline 8 steps you can take to put your website on a Panda diet in the hopes of improving your sites ranking.

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