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Web Video Marketing is King – Google Says So

3:45 PM May 1, 2013

web-video-production-los-angelesWithin the Internet marketing community, YouTube is sometimes referred to as “the second largest search engine.” That’s not just a clever phrase – with the company recently announcing that it attracts more than one billion unique visitors per month, it indeed handles many more requests than Yahoo and Bing. Web video marketing is king, Google says so.

The point, though, isn’t that YouTube attracts more searchers than Microsoft. What matters is that the figure equates to roughly one out of every two people visiting you in any given month. That’s a figure too big for any business to ignore, and especially a business looking for a cost-effective marketing outlet without a lot of competition.

If you haven’t already produced your first online marketing video clip, now is a perfect time.

Here’s 5 helpful ground rules to keep in mind:

1. Set your titles up the right way. They should be interesting, descriptive, and filled with the right searchable keywords. In other words, your video should be easy to find, and a potential customer should understand what it’s about right away.

SEO Blogging Tips for Business

7:46 PM April 30, 2013


Blogging for SEO

Several years ago, businesses of all sizes discovered that blogging was a virtual Internet marketing “cure- all,” drawing customers through search engines, giving the company a chance to spread new ideas, and even building brand credibility all at the same time. Before long, everybody had a blog, and it seemed like the trend was going to continue forever…

But in the online world, things change quickly. Although blogs were hot for a while, new tools like social media and pay-per-click advertising moved into the spotlight – either because they were new (in the case of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter), or because they showed more immediate results (as Internet advertising can, at least in theory).

Fast-forward a couple of years and marketers are still trying to figure out how to make social media profiles into a profit center, and are feeling pressed by a combination of high online ad prices and the decreasing returns that have resulted from too much advertising all over the web. Some of them are learning what we’ve already known for years: that a great blog can still give you better value, and a huge return on your investment of time or money, especially when compared to other Internet marketing tools.

Here are seven great SEO blogging tips for business:

1. Blog posts help you rank in organic search listings. Pay-per-click ads can be expensive, last only for a few seconds, and tend to be ignored by the majority of web searchers. By posting great blog content that attracts organic traffic, though, you can draw in potential customers time and time again without spending a dime.
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Will Forwarding Too Many Domains To One Site Hurt You?

9:28 PM April 22, 2013

In the world of Internet marketing, we often discuss domain names as a form of “virtual real estate.” It’s a good analogy, as few things have been as important to your company’s online success (both in terms of search engine visibility and real-world branding) as your website name and address. It is for this reason, and because search engines have shown a clear preference for “exact match” domains in the past, standard practice has often been to buy several different domain exact match domains and forward them all to your “real” business website.

The best way to do this has typically been through what’s called a domain name redirect or forward (with a canonical meta tag), which tells browsers to permanently send traffic to another destination. The user sees the redirected or “correct” address in their navigation bar, and search engines note the change. The net effect is that any previous SEO authority that old domain or URL had is transferred directly to landing domain or what we call the Money Site. Do this a number of times, and you could greatly increase the visibility of your main business website.

With the recent Penguin and Panda changes to Google’s algorithm, though, things may be changing. That’s especially true when you consider that a lot of experts think the effects of both are becoming stronger over time (that is, Google is gradually enforcing them more strictly). Could having too many domain name redirects do more harm than good?
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Why Social Media Must Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

9:59 PM March 27, 2013


Los Angeles SEO and Social Media

When it comes to Internet marketing effectiveness, most business owners would still agree that search engine optimization doesn’t just offer the best way to drive targeted traffic to a website, but is also the most efficient. In other words, when you consider things like time and money spent, Google is still the preferred way to attract new customers online, despite the social media explosion that’s become such an important story in the past few years.

So, does that mean you can afford to ignore your social media profiles to focus on SEO? Absolutely not. In fact, if your search campaign doesn’t have a social component, then you’re actually doing it wrong.

It really comes down to this: search marketing might still be incredibly important, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore social media, because they are becoming more and more linked together, to the point that they are almost the same thing. Good social content has the power to help your search positioning and vice versa. Having an SEO strategy that includes social media is crucial.

To understand why this dynamic exists, let’s consider these three points:

1. Social media marketing and search engine optimization have the same goal. The real goal of your search engine optimization plan shouldn’t be a top spot on Google, but to drive lots of interested buyers to your business website. Social media profiles are great for that if they are utilized correctly. That means customer profiles with unique, interesting, keyword-rich content that’s being added on a continual basis.

2. Social sites give you a cost-effective way to distribute search-optimized content. The bigger your group of fans and followers is, the easier it is to spread messages to your customers, have them re-posted, tweeted, and so on. All of this is great for creating “buzz,” of course, but it’s also helpful for generating back links and user content that work into your SEO plan.

3. It’s easy to use social media and SEO together. Because Google and the other search engines are indexing and prioritizing social content, the two go together naturally. For instance, posting content, or links, to Google+ is now a faster way to get your site indexed than submitting it to the search engine directly. All you have to do is place the link on some basic info, and Google will crawl it instantly and automatically, updating your search profile. In the same way, linking Facebook and Twitter accounts together can generate targeted traffic while enhancing your marketing reach and creating even more links.

The bottom line is that we’ve reached a point where search engine optimization and social media marketing don’t just play well together but are actually integral to one another. If you’re ignoring social media to focus on search, then you’re missing the point in a couple of different ways. Is it time to take a new perspective on Internet marketing? Contact Full Impact Studios and lets discuss ways we can help you merge your current SEO with social media. Lets talk 1-800-658-0113

Rebelmouse Social Media, your Single Page for Social Media

3:13 PM March 25, 2013

Who says a mouse can’t be a rebel!?


RebelMouse Social Media

At Full Impact Studios it’s our job to keep up with the latest trends in all kinds of virtual communities and networks. As a social media and marketing company, we not only keep up to date with all the latest happenings in the social sphere but also endeavor to report back to you what’s hot, what’s not, and what you should look out for. RebelMouse is fresh on the social scene, so naturally it peaked our interest. Here’s what our scout has found:

First off, I’ve got to hand it to RebelMouse for how they candidly warn newcomers that they are in fact new to this, too, and so a learning curve can be expected by all parties involved. With that being said, the site is still quite established and professionally run. Although at times it can be a bit sluggish, i.e. in refreshing your feeds, overall, you can’t deny the brilliance behind the concept.
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